Connector World Trade is founded in 1976.
Since that year Connector World Trade is the importer and distributor of
HSGM & CWT thermal cutting equipment – ENGEL Transformers – CWT veterinary medical instruments
for the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The current activities of Connector World Trade comprise the worldwide distribution of
HSGM & CWT thermal cutting equipment, ENGEL transformers and CWT veterinary medical instruments to
the Nautical sector, the Construction Industry, the Textile industry, the Animal Husbandry, Animal Clinics,
Artists, Designers, Factories, large Industrial companies, Department of Defense

Connector World Trade offers a unique program that’s RoHs compliant on all fronts.
The HSGM & CWT heat cutters are specially designed for cutting rope, cords, cables, Dyneema,
belts, sail, tarpaulin, nets, fishing nets etc.

The HSGM & CWT cutters are also specially developed for cutting many other types of synthetic materials and fabrics, such as:
polystyrene foam material (Styrofoam, EPS, XPS, ISOMO Tempex, Styropor) and Rigid/Hard Foam material,
as well as textile fabrics, GEOTextile, filter fabric, curtains, awning cloth, felt, foil, flannel, film etc.

Furthermore Connector World Trade carries a range of veterinary medical instruments,
blades and elements that are specifically used in the Animal husbandry and, among others in
Veterinary Clinics for the purpose of docking and cauterizing (medical treatments).

Subsequently HSGM specializes in developing and producing “thermal cutting machines and equipment”,
“Fixtures and equipment for cross-directional and straight line cutting”, machines that automatically cut rope and belts in the right size”,
“machines and blades to cut specific shapes”, and “equipment for cutting polystyrene foam”.

At the customer’s request, we can develop specially constructed blades, parts and equipment (custom made).