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Sail blades

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Textile blades

veterinaire medische elementen

Veterinary Medical
blades & elements

Choose the right blade

There is a choice from a variety of HSGM blades and CWT elements, intended for different materials and applications, which consist of 5 main groups:
Blades to cut “rope and sail”, blades to cut “textile fabrics”, blades to cut “polystyrene foam material”, industrial blades for cutting “different kinds of synthetic materials and fabrics” and CWT elements for
“veterinary medical purposes”.

It is very important with the choice of the blade, that the blade fits the right heat cutter for which it is intended. The fact is that, not every type of blade fits any cutter! This has to do with the wattage of the cutter.

If you select a blade in the shop, you will find all the heat cutters which fit this blade at the bottom of the page under “description”.

Useful Advice
Download the brochure, as shown in the shop with the heat cutter of your choice. If you take a look at the heat cutter of your choice, you will see an overview below this cutter of all the blades that fit this specific cutter. If you have got any questions or need advice please don’t hesitate to contact us, so we can assist you in making the right choice.

Furthermore, we offer the possibility to manufacture blades to your specifications and dimensions (Custom Made)

Easy replacement of blades.